KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Stand Mixer

Brand NameKitchenAid
Rating3.6 out of 5 stars

KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Stand Mixer is professional stands mixer from KitchenAid that offers 10 speeds. This 525 watt motor mixer is designed to be ergonomic with a finished touched of polished stainless-steels and heavy metal as its construction. It is perfectly being used for making cookie batter and breads. It comes with some great features that enable it to avoid splashes to be occurred and flour to be puffed. It is being equipped with ventilations systems that keep the mixer to be cool while accomplishing its tasks. There is also a cover that is able to being pivoted as its additional accessories.

KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Stand Mixer specifications

  • This item measurement is 11-3/8 x 16-1/2 x 14-5.8 as wide x high x deep.
  • High-performance in mixing flours for cookies and breads.
  • The item comes with flat beaters, hook for dough burnishing, and wire whips.
  • The item is including 2 pieces of pouring shields and chutes that are large enough to add the ingredient.
  • 1-year warranty is being provided and there will be no additional costs for replacements and shipping if defect is found.
  • The design is ergonomic with bowl that is made from stainless-steels and heavy-duty plastics shields.

There are many various reviews about this product. Many people who have experienced with it said that this mixer was designed for professional usage that can be used at kitchen’s home. The usage was easy and gave convenient feeling while using it. With its stainless-steels and heavy-duty constructions, it was able to give stability while mixing the ingredients. This product is recommended for home and professional usage. It is perfect for any kind of usage start from light, regular, until heavy mixing. The best thing about it is that the users are being guaranteed for free replacement if there is defect to be detected.

There are many outstanding features that make this product from KitchenAid to be more competitive compare to other similar products. First, it comes with a Shut-Off feature. The mixer will be automatically being shut off when it is being overloaded. This is necessary because when the machine work with overloaded ingredients, the motor will be broken and it can’t be perform well anymore. The mixer will also be unable in lasting for longer time. Second, it comes with Ventilations system. This system will be automatically cooling the machine down when the machine is overheated during the usage. Third, it comes with Soft Starts. This feature enables the users in avoiding any splashes or makes the flour to be puffed during the usage. Fourth, it doesn’t produce lots of noise so that people can cook in a quiet environment. Fifth, it comes with a bowl that is designed ergonomic for easy handlers and can accomplish heavy duty. The bowl is large enough to make a batch of cookies or breads.

It is being designed to be ergonomic with stainless-steel as its bowl’s construction, durable plastics for its chute, and also some additional accessories. The users can use it for any flour mixing purpose; either for light usage at home, regular, or even heavy-duty mixing. And it won’t even be overheating when people use it frequently. There will be no complicated process in order to clean this mixer after people use it. This product from AmericanAids is perfect for making cookies, breads, dough, and any other flour-based foods. People are given warranty that they will get replacement unit if there is any hassles defects are being detected. The replacement unit can be received during the first year of purchasing and there will be no any charges fee.

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